Monday, 21 December 2009

Ceramics, Watercolours and Art

Above, 30x72 Inches Huge

My main medium for years has been ceramic tile. I am famously bad at taking pictures of my finished work, which makes Sean tear out his hair: "You Fedexed it to ALASKA?? AAARGH!" Now that we have internet, I realise that he was right all along and I should have been taking digital photos.

I use Duncan and Gare glazes for painting on the fired clay. These are a great convenience, and the colours are gorgeous as you can see!

For these 18-inch vases, a potter named Chandool threw the forms and I decorated them with "Slip". Slip is wet clay which has Oxides added to it for colour. Cobalt makes that black background of the jellyfish, which is one of my favorite pieces ever. These pots are decorated when they are "leather hard", so that the oxide can be applied with a paintbrush and then scraped off. It's a bit like the school art where you colour a piece of paper with crayons, paint over it and then scrape off your design. These were fired after decoration, and then glazed on the inside. Chandool the potter died a few years ago, and his son Ganase works at Ajoupa. Chandool is sorely missed, he was a genius potter.

These were also thrown on the wheel by Chandool, but then they were "bisque" fired and decorated with glaze.

I am getting back into watercolours. It's pretty exciting, and waaaay less disaster-prone! With ceramics, you can spend weeks working on a piece and then you open the kiln and AAAARGH! Disaster! Reds burn out, clay cracks (or explodes spectacularly!), weird things happen when chemicals collide at a thousand degrees. Duncan and Gare change their recipes regularly, and so do the tile manufacturers, and that makes the end results uncertain.

Of course the boys spend time at the Ajoupa Workshop, and at my studio. Chas made this "Pot Head" for my brushes, and he has recieved ORDERS for more! He's such an entrepreneur!
So there you have it, some of my artwork.


Theresa said...

Very nice!

Tristi Pinkston said...

Oh, wow! These are gorgeous pieces!